Provisional Program

This program is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds. Times may change in the final program. Please check this page regularly.

Presenting authors are indicated by an '*'.

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  Thursday 11 July 2013
1500 Registration Open, Lecture Theatre 1 Foyer
  Opening - Lecture Theatre 101
Chair: Professor Cameron Stewart
1700-1710 Welcome to Delegates
Welcome to Country: Uncle Allen Madden
1710-1725 The Hon Jillian Skinner MP, NSW Minister for Health & Minister for Medical Research will launch NSW Health's Advance Planning for Quality Care at End of Life: Action Plan 2013-2018.
  Kirby Oration
1730-1805 Invited Speaker: Anthony Hill, Health and Disability Commissioner, New Zealand
Back to the future: Shaping a future from our past
1805-1840 Invited Speaker: Professor Ben White, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology
Does law matter?
1845-1945 Welcome Reception
Nicholson Museum


  Friday 12 July 2013
0800 Registration
  Opening Session
0900 Opening Session: Lecture Theatre 101
Chair: Professor Cameron Stewart
0905-0950 Invited Speaker: Professor Ron Paterson
Time for a medical check up? Revalidation of doctors in Australia and New Zealand
  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 442
  Future of Informed Consent
Chair: Belinda Bennett
Dying & Decision Making
Chair: Nicole Gerrand
1000-1030 The open disclosure standard
Loane Skene
Pivotal moments during dying experiences and their influence on decision-making at the end of life
Phillipa Malpas*, Malcolm Johnson
1030-1100 Moving on from Rogers v Whitaker : A time to re-define the harm?
Bernadette Richards
In favour of dissensus. Why we should not require agreement in end of life decision-making
Dominic Wilkinson
1100 Morning Tea
  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442 Law Annexe 444
  Privacy, Research & Practice
Chair: Ron Paterson
Children: Difficult Decisions
Chair: Mal Parker
Organ Donation
Chair: Dominic Wilkinson
Ethics, Teaching & Learning
Chair: Ainsley Newson
1120-1140 Patients' knowledge as a resource for designing and implementing health-related research: ethical issues
Katrina Hutchison*, Wendy Rogers, Vikki Entwistle

Do dying children matter less? Understanding the implications of accepting current practices in early-phase clinical research
Nikola Stepanov

Legal regulation of kidney transplantation: Views from professionals and patients
Debra Wilson*, Rachel Walsh*

The future is here: Telemedicine as an ethics teaching tool for medical students
Katrina Bramstedt, Melissa Prang, Sameer Dave, Paul Ng Hung Shin, Amani Savy*, Richard Fatica

1145-1205 25 years of privacy protection in human research: of sledgehammers, nuts, HRECs - and a chance for change
Colin Thomson
Righting wrongs, or wronging rights? Undervaluing dignity in the debate on sterilisation of the disabled
Wendy Bonython
Uterus transplantation: Organ transplant or assisted reproduction technology? Between ethical frameworks
Ruby Catsanos

When argument fails: how to reason publicly with those who are being unreasonable
Nikki Kerruish*, John McMillan*

1210-1230 Information sharing in health privacy law
Luke Strongman
Legal regulation of genital 'normalising' surgery on intersex children
Aileen Kennedy

Suicide after living organ donation: Pre-donation assessment and post-donation follow-up
Katrina Bramstedt*, Robert Firestone, Lisa Firestone

Systematic reviews of bioethics literature: are they worth the hassle?
Rosalind McDougall
1235-1255 Consent, equipoise, and the nature of uncertainty in early phase translational clinical research
Andrew Crowden

Clinicians' 'decisions' versus parents' 'wishes': ethical implications in conflict situations
Lynn Gillam*, Rosalind McDougall


Ethics, schmethics: what do clinicians (and wannabes) want?
Peter Saul
1255 Lunch

Invited Speaker: Dr Ainsley Newson
Genomic advances and testing and screening before birth: what's at stake?
Chair: Colin Thompson

  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442 Law Annexe 444
  Resources, Rights & Drugs Policy
Chair: Wendy Rogers
Consent, Information & Surgical Innovation
Chair: Loane Skene
Information, Consent & Autonomy
Chair: Lindy Willmott
1425-1445 Towards a principle-based pharmaceutical ethics: A modern incarnation of Beauchamp and Childress's 'Principles of Biomedical Ethics'
Wendy Lipworth* Miles Little
Less is More: How much information is needed to be informed?
Nicole Gerrand

Maternity care providers' perceptions of women's autonomy and the law
Bec Jenkinson*, Sue Kruske, Kate Young, Ann Catchlove

Growth attenuation in children with profound developmental disabilities
Nikki Kerruish*, John McMillan*, Grant Gillett*, Jeanne Snelling*

Recognition of collective rights in a case of inequitable health care?
John Kennelly

Ethics oversight of the process of diffusion of surgical innovation
Tony Eyers
Can we have informed consent in populations with a low health literacy rate?
Hope Alexander
1515-1535 Access to publicly funded prescription medicines: Exceptional circumstances and social factors
Joanna Manning
1535 Afternoon Tea
  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442 Law Annexe 444
  Advance Care Planning & Trends in Medical Law
Chair: Peter Saul
Brain Injuries
Chair: Grant Gillett
Disaster & Infectious Diseases
Chair: Ben White
1600-1620 Advance Directives - who benefits
Noeline Monaghan

Traumatic brain injury: Long term survival with unfavourable outcome
Stephen Honeybul*, Courtney Janzen, Kate Kruger, Kwok Ho

The tipping point: When do placebos become unethical? Bridget Haire

Governing responsible surgical innovation
Colin Thomson*, George Tomossy*, Gisselle Gallego*, Falko Thiele
1625-1645 Trends in the procedure and resolution of medical liability litigation over the past decade and future predictions
Philip Bates
Max Charlesworth Winner 2013 The Precautionary Principle and the regulation of public health risks: Examining the politics of contaminated blood
Anne-Maree Farrell
Ethical and practical issues in (un)veiling the diagnosis of dementia
Kanny Ooi
1650-1710   Post-coma unresponsiveness: A case from clinical practice
Wendy Muircraft

Preparing for disaster: A legal and/or ethical obligation, or merely 'playing silly games'?
Debra Wilson

1710 Sessions close
1715 Faculty Meeting - Level 4
1900 Coaches depart for dinner
1930 till late

Conference Dinner
Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour
Dinner Speaker: Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-Charge, Australian Astronomical Observatory

  Saturday 13 July 2013
0800 Registration

Invited Speaker: Julian Savulescu
Unfit for the future: the need for moral bioenhancement
Chair: Ian Kerridge

  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 442
  Knowledge, Decision & the End of Life
Chair: Ian Kerridge
New Issues in Pandemics & Liability in Informed Consent
Chair: Charlotte Paul
1000-1030 Death of a cyborg: turning off implanted life-sustaining devices
Peter Saul

Planning for Pandemics: Lessons from the past decade
Belinda Bennett*, Terry Carney


Doctors' knowledge and practice of the law on withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment from adults who lack capacity
Ben White*, Lindy Willmott, Colleen Cartwright, Malcolm Parker, Gail Williams

Liability in negligence and the failure to disclose multiple risks in surgery: I would have been willing to run the risk
Malcolm Smith*, Tracey Carver
1100 Morning Tea
  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442 Law Annexe 444
  Children, Parents & Healthcare
Chair: Lynn Gillam
Research & Vulnerability
Chair: Stephen Honeybul
Biobanking & Genetics
Chair: Wendy Lipworth
1120-1140 Ethical issues surrounding the management of children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1
Benjamin Tassie*, David Isaacs, Henry Kilham, Ian Kerridge

In the absence of benefit: Questioning the legitimacy of parents' rights to enrol their child in experimental research
Nikola Stepanov*, Malcolm Smith

Practical application of participatory governance for biobanks
Rebekah McWhirter*, Dianne Nicol. Jo Dickinson, Margaret Otlowski, Michael Burgess, Don Chalmers
How to deal with 'unprofessional' doctors? The case of Dr. Alecto
Hudson Birden
1145-1205 Lessons from the New Zealand Cot Death Prevention Campaign
Monique Jonas
Rethinking the vulnerability of minority populations in research
Wendy Rogers, Margaret Lange*
The significance of virtue theory in supporting research tissue donation and banking
Conor Brophy

Predictive risk modeling and child maltreatment: Ethical challenges
Tim Dare

Do research ethics protect research subjects?
Phillida Bunkle, Joanna Manning*

Working towards a consensus on the return of genomic research findings
Lisa Eckstein


Children's rights to health and healthcare services - From survival to optimal development: A comparative analysis between South Africa and Australia
Chrizell Churr

John McPhee
Winner 2013
Emerging issues in tissue banks: Disclosure of incidental findings in translational research
Jennifer Fleming
Off-label drug use as a consent and health regulation issue in New Zealand
Rebecca Cook
1255 Lunch

Invited Speakers: Dr Marie Bismark, Ms Jen Morris
21 years on from Rogers v Whitaker: the rhetoric and the reality of informed choice
Chair: Colin Thomson

  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442 Law Annexe 444
  Culture, Isolation & Healthcare
Chair: Jean Murray
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Chair: Julie Letts
Chair: Dominic Wilkinson
1425-1445 The unbefriended patient: An ethical framework for decision-making
Robert Doyle
Social justice and assisted reproductive technologies
John McMillan*, Sheryl deLacey*
Is obesity a disease?
Rata Alexander
Bioethics research and the ERA: how can we make our work count in academia and in practice?
Wendy Rogers*, Katrina Hutchison*, Ainsley Newson*, Catriona Mackenzie*

Are New Zealand research guidelines culturally competent?
Ben Gray

Reimbursement payments for gamete donors in Australia: inducement, coercion, or exploitation?
Malcolm Smith
The harm of bioethics: A critique of Singer and Callahan on obesity
Christopher Mayes

Cultural Competence and 'The Code': Re-examining the relationship after 18 years
Katelyn Ferguson

Importing gametes - what regulatory issues are raised by the technology that allows us to import gametes and how should domestic ART legislation balance privacy, biological identity and demand in a global context?
Claudia Hirst*, Alon Januszewicz*
Cosmetic surgery and the law of negligence: An infectious passion for beauty? - The Australian story
Louise Cauchi
1535 Afternoon Tea
  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442 Law Annexe 444
  Futility disputes
Chair: Cameron Stewart
Reproductive Choices & Personhood
Chair: Ainsley Newson
Pain & Causation in End-of-Life Decisions
Chair: Peter Saul
1600-1620 Identifying 'Harm' in Palliative Care when death is the anticipated outcome
David MacKintosh
Twinning and personhood: The challenge of indivisibility
Mark Rankin

Does withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment cause death or allow the patient to die?
Andrew McGee

'Forced sterilisation': Critiquing the critique
Malcolm Parker

1625-1645 Futility in surgery: A patient centered approach
Stephen Honeybul*, Grant Gillett, Kwok Ho
Intersections between gender selection and selection against disability in gender selection for non-medical reasons
Tereza Hendl
What support do parents say they need for end-of-life decision-making?
Vicki Xafis*, Dominic Wilkinson
1650-1710 Would you like assisted ventilation with your fries sir?
Wendy Muircroft
Harvesting sperm after death - who decides and how?
Claudia Hirst*, Giovanni Marino
Terminal sedation and existential pain
Simon Walker
1710 Sessions Close
1715 AABHL Annual General Meeting
  Sunday 14 July 2013
0800 Registration

Invited Speaker: Chris Mayes
Public Health Ethics and the Challenge of Food Industry Participation in Health Policy: Case studies from Britain, Australia and the United States
Chair: Lynn Gillam

  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 442
  Bioethics & Mental Illness
Chair: Hudson Birden
Emerging Issues
Chair: Andrew Crowden

Conversion therapies: why it is wrong to 'treat' homosexuality
John McMillan

Australian consumer's attitudes and experiences of personal genome testing: First empirical results
Jacqueline Savard*, Julie Mooney-Somers, Ainsley Newson, Ian Kerridge

A role for bioethicists and philosophers in psychiatric classification
Tamara Kayali

'CAM-creep': GP conduct, professional discipline and integrative medicine in NSW
Walid Jammal

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder... to move or remove from the DSM?
Tamara Kayali

Legal and biological approaches to humanity within biomedical regulation
Philippe Descamps

1100 Morning Tea
  Lecture Theatre 101 Law Annexe 440 Law Annexe 442
  Religion & Bioethics
Chair: Mal Parker
Reproductive Rights & Protections
Chair: Malcolm Smith
Deciding Death & Repercussions
Chair: Cameron Stewart
1120-1140 The praying patient: A framework for spiritually competent care
Robert Doyle
Procreative freedoms using donated gametes: A parental virtue ethics perspective
Damian Adams
Organisational responses to coronial recommendations
Georgina Sutherland*, Celia Kemp, Graham Sewell, David Studdert
1145-1205 Sanctity of life, Buddhist ethics and the research on in vitro human embryos
Suntaree Buchitchon
Information release to donor conceived people in Australia and beyond
Sonia Allan
How far does the philosophical concept of personhood go in resolving dilemmas in end of life care?
Andrew McGee

The quilting point: post-structuralist ethics, engaging with others, and vertical connections
Grant Gillett

'Why am I exploited if I'm paid but not if I'm not paid?': exploitation, commodification and commercial surrogacy
Tammy Johnson

Pain management relative to other priorities in the emergency department: explicating moral logic with practitioners
Drew Carter

  Closing Plenary - Lecture Theatre 101
Chair: Mal Parker
1240-1300 Closing Session & Handover to 2014 Conference Committee
1300 Farewell Lunch



Important Dates

Abstracts Due 22 April
Abstract Notifications 26 April
Presenter Registration 10 May
Student Essays Due 3 May
Early-Bird Closes 21 May
Conference 11 July

Organising Committee

Ian Kerridge, (Co-convenor) Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, Sydney Medical School
Bill Madden, Slater & Gordon
Kristin Savell, Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics, Sydney Law School
Roger Magnusson, Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics, Sydney Law School
Belinda Bennett, Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics, Sydney Law School
Cameron Stewart, (Co-convenor) Centre for Health Governance, Law and Ethics, Sydney Law School
Wendy Rogers, Macquarie University
Julie Letts, Ministry of Health

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