Australian Entomological Society - 43rd AGM & Scientific Conference

and Australasian Arachnological Society - 2012 Conference

Sunday 25 - Wednesday 28 November 2012, The Old Woolstore, Hobart

Conference Venue

Due to the large number of abstracts received we are holding the conference at The Old Woolstore, which allows us to accommodate more presentations. The Old Woolstore is on Hobart's waterfront and is one of the accommodation venues offered; it is two blocks from the other accommodation option, The Hotel Collins. See the map for locations.

Invitation to Attend

It is our pleasure and great privilege to invite you to Hobart from the 25th to 28th November in 2012 for the 43rd AGM and Scientific Congress of the Australian Entomological Society and the 2012 Conference of the Australasian Arachnological Society.

We invite you to Hobart to not only take advantage of the scientific program and conference's networking opportunities, but to indulge in what Tasmania does best: the fine foods, exciting wines, cultural experiences and, of course, our natural environment.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to Hobart in 2012.

Geoff Allen & Catherine Byrne
Conference Co-Convenors

The conference will include Symposia on:

  • Signalling in insects and spiders: conflict and cooperation (Prof. Mark Elgar)
  • Fruit fly management and threats (Dr Olivia Reynolds)
  • Bush Blitz Synergies: Surveys supporting management of the National Reserve System (Dr David Yeates, Dr Catherine Byrne)
  • Urban ecology (Prof. Phil Weinstein)
  • Digitisation and biodiversity informatics initiatives in invertebrate collection (Dr Beth Mantle)
  • Progress in Australasian Arachnid and Myriapod Systematics in the 21st Century(Dr Michael Rix)

Click here for overviews of the Symposia.

Invited Speakers

  • Professor Ary Hoffman
  • Professor Stephen Simpson
  • Dr Nick Porch

    If you have a symposium you wish to suggest please email with the symposium overview and details of the proposed presentations.

1. The pseudoscorpion Neopseudogarypus scutellatus Morris, 1948 (family Pseudogarypsidae) is endemic to Tasmania, and the only Australian member of the family.

2. Hoplogonus simsoni is one of three protected stag beetle species restricted to undisturbed wet sclerophyll forest in NE Tasmania.

3. Rainbowia sp. (spider mite) on Acacia dealbata. Adult erythraeid mites are predatory on small inverts and eggs, larvae are often parasitic on invertebrates (e.g. certain species of Rainbowia are parasitic on psyllids).

4.Myrmecia forficata (inchman) feeding on a flowering Corymbia ficifolia.

5. Paropsisterna sp. (leaf beatle). Undescribed Tasmanian species which has recently invaded Ireland.

6. New Tasmanian species of Tingidae and Miridae (lace bugs and plant bugs).

7. Tettigarcta tomentosa (Tasmanian hairy cicada). Small relictual (mostly extinct) family of primitive silent cicadas, containing a single genus Tettigarcta with two extant species, one in southern Australia (Tettigarcta crinita), and the other in Tasmania (Tettigarcta tomentosa).

8. Xanthagrion erythtoneurum (red & blue Damsel).

9. Forficula auricularia (European earwig). Female brooding eggs.

10. Melangyna sp. (hoverfly). Visiting hedge mustard (Sysymbrium officinale). . Adults feed on nectar and pollen and are important pollinators, larvae are predators of soft bodied insects (e.g. aphids).

11. Opiliones (harvestman).

12. Acripeza reticulata (mountain katydid) Usually found at high to moderate elevations. This is a female exhibiting the striking defence posture and warning colours of the species. 

13. Ruth Mollison collecting Trichoptera (caddis flies) in the natural semi-alpine grass-land of the Vale of Belvoir.

14. Dirce aesiodora (pencil pine moth). Endemic alpine species. Feeds on Athrotaxis cupressoides (pencil pine) (Cupressaceae) and A. selaginoides (King Billy pine).

15. Plesanemma altafucata. Endemic species. Feeds on Eucalyptus spp.

16. Oreixenica ptunarra (Ptunarra brown butterfly). Threatened species. Restricted to native grasslands.

Further information and photo credits (PDF).

Who will attend?

Delegates will include university and other tertiary professionals, staff from governmental departments and research organisations and private sector entomologists. The conferences have traditionally enjoyed strong representation from entomology students.

Conference Committee
  • Geoff Allen, University of Tasmania
  • Catherine Byrne, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
  • Jamie Davies, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, Tasmania
  • David de Little, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
  • Jane Elek, Forestry Tasmania
  • Lynette Forster, University of Tasmania
  • Peter McQuillan, University of Tasmania
  • Karen Richards, Forest Practices Authority, Tasmania
  • Paul Walker, University of Tasmania


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Conference Venue

The Old Woolstore
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