MONA Museum of Old and New Art

Museum of Old and New Art
Exterior at Dawn from Little Frying Pan Island

Museum of Old and New Art
Exterior Wall

Corten Stairwell & Surrounding Artworks

Corten Stairwell & Surrounding Artworks

Coffin, probably of a woman
1550 BCE to 1069 BCE
Wood, gesso, pigment, with resinous finish

Head of a mummified cat
664 BCE to 30 BCE
Animal remains, linen and resin

Stone Artifacts and Fish (foreground); Fields of Ecstasy (background left)
Foreground: Underwater Wunderkammer with stone artifacts and fish
Background left: Fields of Ecstasy, 2009 to 2010, Alasdair McLuckie (Australia, 1984)

The Nolan Gallery. Located within the Museum of Old and New Art. 498 square metres.
Artworks include: Snake - 1970 to 1972, Sir Sidney Nolan (Carlton, Victoria, Australia, 1917-1992).
Mixed media on paper, 1620 sheets
Untitled: 2002, Jannis Kounellis (Piraeus, Greece, 1936), Jute coffee bags, coal; three parts

The Void
The lowest level of the Museum of Old and New Art
Includes a 240-million-year-old, 12 metre high, sandstone wall, a full cocktail bar and
a waterfall artwork, bit.fall (Julius Popp, 2006 to 2007). 465 square metres.

Entrance to Library and Round House

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All images courtesy of MONA Museum of Old and New Art.
Photo credits: MONA/Leigh Carmichael. Feb 2011