Provisional Program

This program is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds. Some details may change in the final program, so please check this page regularly.


  Thursday 14 November 2013
0830 Registration
0900 Welcome Address
Wendy Rowell, Chair of Allied Health Professions Executive Committee (AHPEC)

Keynote Speaker
Allied health agents of change
Martin Chadwick, Counties Manukau Health, New Zealand

Allied Health represents many vital cogs in the machine that provides health care with most professions relatively mature in their own right. This has allowed them to build a body of knowledge as to what works well and what does not. The irony lies however, in the time that it takes from known best practice to become common practice. This is a situation which is not unique to health care. There are many examples in history where it has taken an extraordinary length of time for known best practice to become embedded as the norm. The challenges we face in health care, are that it is now inappropriate for an extended period of time to exist between best practice and common practice. How Allied Health chooses to address this challenge will have far reaching implications for the many professions it represents. It is a challenge that we should collectively feel enthused and energised about, and will be explored through this presentation.

  Oral Presentations (12 minute presentation plus 3 minute question time)
Chair: Michael Wingrove, TAHPAC
0955 Meeting national standards for falls and pressure injury management in occupation focused practice
Bridget Lange*, Rowan Castle*, Jolene May
1010 Statewide multidisciplinary guideline for the management of lower limb Charcot neuroarthropathy
Claire Tutticci*, Joseph Rogers
1025 Creating cultural change to meet individual support needs
Rosemarie Baker*, Anita O'Brien*
1040 Basic foot screenings for podiatry therapy sssistants
Pamela Chen*, Clare Baker
1055 Morning Tea
  Oral Presentations (12 minute presentation plus 3 minute question time)
Chair: Ruth Chalk, TAHPAC
1120 Case review in occupational therapy: Enhancing clinical reasoning for improved patient care
Helen Titmuss
1135 Vicarious trauma: A trap for 'Super Heroes'
Ellie Biffin, Anna Lovitt, Joshua MacKean
1150 Healthy lifestyle programs for the Aboriginal communities in Northern Tasmania
Ianthe Boden
1205 Pilot of using the CFQ-R as an outcome measure for quality improvement
Nicole Micallef, Sean Beggs
1220 Occupational goal setting - Measuring outcomes for occupational therapy intervention
August Wilson, Melissa Waugh
1235 Working with traumatised children and their families: The Anglicare NESTS Way
Danielle Norton*, Emma Oakley, Priscilla Best
1250 Lunch
1320 TAHPAC awards
  Oral Presentations (12 minute presentation plus 3 minute question time)
Chair: Kerri Roberts, AHPEC
1430 Implementing family inclusive practices in a war veterans' counselling service
Matthew MGuinness, Rose Bennett
1445 Closing the research-practice gap in services for children with cerebral palsy
Ailsa Leslie*, Christine Imms, Lyndsay Quarmby, Elspeth Froude, Iona Novak, Dinah Reddihough, Nora Shields
1500 Staying Active - Staying Independent (SASI)
Heather DiSaia, Sharon Doherty, Bert Dorgelo, Mary E.J. Gutteridge*, Fiona L. Onslow, Toni Rowley
1515 Food for all Tasmanians - Addressing the determinants of food security
Alison Ward, Julie Williams, Sarah Connally, Caitlin Saunders*
1530 Enabling people who inject drugs to become agents of community change
Tamara Speed*, Kerry Clarke*
1545 Evaluation of preterm children's cognitive assessment and support needs prior to entering Kindergarten
Sari O'Meagher
1600 Symposium Close
Chair: Lee McGovern, Chair of TAHPAC



Poster Dimensions = AO Portrait (1189 x 841 mm)

1 First world problems: A personal reflection on enabling occupation within resource limited environments
Lauren Nichols
2 Outcome measurement: Keeping it simple
Kerri Roberts
3 A practical framework for measuring outcomes
Kerri Roberts
4 Falls: Making sense of the evidence
Cindy Hollings
5 Values for allied health
Kerri Roberts, Shawn Lee, Stewart Millar
6 Implementing body weight supported treadmill gait following stroke
John Cannell
7 Create a safe rehab environment and unlocking opportunities with a ceiling track hoist
John Cannell
8 Can an assessment tool be used by intensive care physiotherapist to determine a patient's safety to ambulate?
Ianthe Boden, Darren Poon, Mia Okamoto
9 Do you really have to do the Six Minute Walk test twice in one session to get a reliable result?
Ianthe Boden, Darren Poon, Mia Okamoto
10 Facilitating nutrition practice changes in Tasmanian home and community care organisations – a state-wide service review
Andrew Reynolds, Kacey Rubie

The choking management challenge
Megan Hanley







Important Dates

Registration open 23 July 2013
Abstract Submission Due 28 Aug 2013
Abstract Acceptance 13 Sept 2013
Provisional Program Sept 2013