Exhibitor Bump In

  • Monday 10 October 2016
    1230 – 1600

Exhibitor Bump Out

  • Thursday 13 October 2016
    1545 – 1645

Exhibition Hours

The exhibition will be open to delegates at the following times:

  • Monday 10 October:
    1600 – 1830
  • Tuesday 11 October:
    0830 – 1900
  • Wednesday 12 October:
    0800 – 1730
  • Thursday 13 October:
    0830 – 1545

Conference Design

For sponsorship and exhibition sales please contact:

Andrew Watts

Please use these labels when having materials couriered to and from the venue (at least one per box).

Booth Inclusions

All exhibition booth packages include the following

  • 3m x 2m Floor Space/Shell Scheme.
  • White panel shell scheme booth.
  • Fascia board with your company name.
  • Your choice of furniture package.
  • 2 x spotlights.
  • 1 x 4 amp power outlet.
  • 1 x wireless internet connection per site.
  • 1 x waste paper basket.

Additional Exhibitor Passes

Additional exhibitor passes can be purchased as follows:

  • 3 day pass, including the Welcome & Poster Reception (excludes dinner): $499 per person
  • 1 day pass, including the Poster Reception if attending on Tuesday: $170 per person

The App Game

QR codes will be placed in key booths and/or locations around the exhibition to encourage delegate flow. Exhibitors can choose to clearly display the QR code on or within your booth to avoid unnecessary interruptions or you can ‘hide’ the code to ensure interaction with your representatives. Each QR code will reveal a letter in a secret phase to be completed to enter the draw. Key sponsors will also be given the first opportunity to provide prizes.

3m x 2m Exhibition Booth


Your Choice of Furniture Package

Package 1



Package 2


Exhibitor Kit

Download the Pullman’s Exhibitor Guidelines here.

Download the Moreton Hire Exhibition order form here.

Moreton Hire Catalogue

Venue Contact

Pullman Melbourne, Albert Park

65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC 3004

Vanessa Campli


03 8554 2807

Please use this label if you are having satchel inserts couriered to the venue (at least one per box, eligible sponsors only).

Your Contact Person

When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation. All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.

Testing & Tagging

It is a requirement of the venue that all items be tested and tagged prior to your arrival at the conference.

Please contact Vanessa Campli should you have any questions about testing and tagging.


03 8554 2807

Please use this label for all collections from the venue.


  1. Download and use the dispatch/collection label provided above.
  2. Box up any materials requiring collection and leave on your stand for collection by venue staff during bump out.
  3. Arrange for collection of the items with your courier as per the pick up details noted in the collection label.
  4. Check with your courier whether a consignment note/number is required. If so include these details on your boxes before they are collected by the venue staff.
  5. All goods must be removed from the hotel premises or storerooms by close of business 1 working day after the conclusion of the event. Therefore all goods must be collected by the end of business on Friday 14th October.

Onsite Storage

There will be limited on-site storage facilities for packing materials, boxes and giveaways.

Exhibitors cannot leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show.


Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference or guests you wish to invite to the Conference must register with Conference Design before the conference. An official conference name badge will be required to access the conference and exhibition area.


Late and missing deliveries are the main problem for sponsors and exhibitors when arriving onsite for a conference.

  1. Download and use the delivery label provided by the venue.
  2. Confirm with your courier the delivery has been made BEFORE you arrive.
  3. Have the name of your courier, the consignment numbers and confirmed delivery date when you arrive.
  4. All incoming items should arrive via the Receiving Bay in Queens Lane. All items are to arrive at the Receiving Bay between the hours of 0700am – 1500pm, Monday – Friday.  Deliveries outside of these hours will need to be arranged prior to delivery.
  5. Deliveries can only be accepted no more than 2 working days prior to the event commencement date. Therefore deliveries are allowed for this event from Thursday 6 October 2016. Deliveries will not be accepted earlier than this date without prior arrangement.

Exhibition Supply Company

Moreton Hire has been appointed as the exhibition supply company for the eResearch Australasia 2016 Conference. For enquiries regarding the build of your stand, furniture and signage, please contact:

Danielle Paten


03 9300 5708


Freight Logistics Company

There is no appointed freight logistics company for the eResearch Australasia 2016 Conference, however there are some suggestions below:

TNT Express Shipping
Phone – 13 11 50
Website – www.tnt.com

Toll Group
Website – www.tollgroup.com

Exhibitors and Sponsors are responsible for all freight to and from the conference venue, including satchel inserts. If you have any questions in relation to this, please contact the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park:
Email –  H8788-SB4@accor.com Phone – 03 8554 2807

Company Profile

  • Sponsors – 400 words
  • Research Exhibitors – 200 words
  • Commercial, New Exhibitors, Node/NCRIS – 50 words

Plus a contact name (where appropriate), email address, web address and phone number. Your profile will be included in the conference app.

Email to Conference Design when you book.


We will print one logo per sponsorship package in the program book, in the conference app, on the sponsors’ slide and on the conference web site.

Print: EPS version

Web and App: a high resolution PNG, JPG or TIFF, PNG image, no less than 250 KB in size.

Email to Conference Design when you book.

App & Satchel Inserts

Conference Partner – 5 items / PDFs & 3 items / Satchel Inserts
Gold Sponsor – 4 items / PDFs & 2 items / Satchel Inserts
Silver Sponsor – 3 items / PDFs & 1 item / Satchel Insert
Bronze Sponsor – 2 items / PDFs & 1 item / Satchel Insert

PDF advertisements will be linked to your profile in the Conference App. Your files should be emailed as high resolution PDFs, A4, portrait orientation no bleed, no crop marks. PDFs will be included ‘as submitted’. Maximum size is 1MB per PDF.

Email PDFs to: Conference Design. 
Due: 23 September 

Satchel inserts can be flyers, brochures or promotional items of a reasonable size. Please provide 400 items per insert.

Satchel inserts are to be delivered directly to the venue no later Friday 7 October. Please refer to the section above for delivery instructions.

  • App and satchel inserts are not included for exhibitors, but can be purchased for $500 per item.

PDF e-satchel Inserts

  • Sponsors only
  • PDF advertisements will be linked to your profile in the Conference App.
  • High resolution, Colour PDF
  • A4 portrait orientation
  • No bleed and no crop marks
  • PDFs will be uploaded ‘as received’
  • Maximum size is 1MB per PDF

Email PDFs to: Conference Design
Due: 23 September 2016

A6 colour advert in the pocket program

  • Platinum & Gold Sponsors only
  • Dimensions: 91mm (w) x 134.5mm (h)

Email PDFs to: Conference Design
Due: 23 September 2016

Promotional Video

  • Eligible sponsors only
  • No larger than 20MB

Email PDFs to: Conference Design
Due: 23 September 2016

# Company
03 Bioplatforms Australia/APN
04  SanDisk
07 AARNet
08  TPAC
09 SGI
10 AARNet
11 AARNet
12 SGI
13 Dell
14 Dell
15 Dell
16 Dell
18 RDS
20 Intersect
21 AeRO
22 DiGiCOR
23  VicNode
24 VERNet
25 Lab Archives LLC
# Company
27 Pawsey
30 DDN
31 Xenon
32  Department of Education
33  AWS
34 Cray Australia Pty Ltd
35 FAVeR
36 FAVeR
37 Cray Australia Pty Ltd
38 Figshare
39 FAVeR
40 National Imaging Facility
41 Spectra Logic
42  Aspera
43 Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility
44 NCI
45 Aspera
47  AAF
48 eRSA
49 SAGE Publishing

Terms and Conditions for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Bookings & Payments

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Conference Design Pty Ltd, members of the Organising Committee and the Host Organisation are collectively referred to as The Organisers.

The Organisation listed on the sponsorship and exhibition application will be referred to as your Organisation or collectively as sponsors and exhibitors.

By returning a Sponsorship Application Form or completing an on-line Exhibition Booking you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Applications
Conference Design will issue a Tax Invoice once a Sponsorship and Exhibition application has been accepted.

Any advertising is not an offer capable of acceptance. The Organisers reserve the right to decline any sponsorship and exhibition application.

All costs are inclusive of GST and listed in Australian Dollars.

Payment is required within 14 days of us issuing your Tax Invoice to confirm your application.

Sponsorship and exhibition entitlements, including the allocation of exhibition space, do not commence until payment has been received.

Cancellation of Sponsorship and Exhibition Bookings
Once a sponsorship and exhibition application has been accepted all payments are non-refundable. If you are no longer able to attend the conference please contact Conference Design to discuss your participation.

Cancellation or Postponement of the Conference
The Organisers do not accept any liability for losses incurred if the conference is cancelled or postponed due to an event that renders proceedings with the meeting inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible.

If the conference is cancelled or postponed refunds will not be issued but available funds will be credited towards the rescheduled conference.

An unforeseen event could include, but is not limited to, an infectious disease outbreak; industrial disruptions; service provider failures; governmental restrictions or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension or restriction on transportation; or any other emergency.

General Information

Disclaimer and Changes
Every effort has been made to present all the information accurately, however no liability is accepted for any inaccuracy and the Organisers reserve the right to change any published information.

The Organisers reserve the right to amend, update or delete sponsorship and exhibition packages and the exhibition floor plan.

Exhibition Floor Plan
The exhibition floor plan is subject to change without notice. The floor plan is not to an exact scale, but accurately represents the position and sizes of exhibition spaces.

When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation. All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.

Allocation of Exhibition Spaces
Conference Design will allocate exhibition spaces after taking into account each organisation’s sponsorship, the date of application, preferences, proximity to competitors and any other matters deemed relevant.

All sponsors and exhibitors must have adequate insurance for the period of the conference, including public and products liability cover and professional indemnity insurance. We may request a certificate of currency.

Your Organisation shall indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers for any loss, damage to property or injury to persons suffered as a result of your participation in the conference, except where the Organisers are found to be negligent.

Supply of Goods and Services
The supply of any goods, services, samples or advice is entirely at your Organisation’s own risk.

During the Conference

No valuable items should be left unattended at your exhibition at any time and especially not overnight. No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to equipment and display materials.

Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference or guests you wish to invite to the conference must register with Conference Design before the conference. An official name badge will be required to access the meeting and exhibition area.

Custom Stands
All custom stands must fit within the purchased exhibition space. Custom stands must not exceed 3.0 metres high. If you have any questions please email us a floor plan and elevations of your proposed stand.

Delegate List
Due to privacy requirements the delegate list will be supplied on the Conference App at the time of the conference and will include name, organisation and state.

Interactive Exhibitions
Whilst we encourage you to develop entertaining and interactive displays to attract delegates, please be mindful not to disturb other exhibitors or delegates.

There is limited storage space on site for exhibition equipment or packaging.

Signage at the Venue
The venue doesn’t allow any signage to be fixed to walls or other surfaces. Your signage should be free standing to allow for easy placement and should be contained with your exhibition space.

Dismantling Displays
Due to safety requirements you will not be able to dismantle your display before the published closing time.

Damage to the Venue
Your Organisation shall indemnify the Organisers from all liability for damage to the venue deemed to have been caused by your staff, contractors, agents or guests. The cost of repairs will be the sole responsibility of your Organisation.

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