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IAS Proceedings - Journal of Shellfish Research


Papers presented at the symposium may be submitted for publication in a Special Issue of the Journal of Shellfish Research. All submitted papers will have to go through the full peer review processes of the journal, and only those accepted by reviewers will be published. In order to speed up the process, all authors are requested to bring their completed manuscripts to the symposium. The refereeing process will begin immediately, where possible manuscripts being handed to reviewers who are present at the symposium. As has been the case previously, only persons who have registered for the symposium will be permitted to submit papers, and all submitted papers must have been presented at the symposium. Sponsorship from the National Shellfisheries Association (NSA) and from the International Abalone Society will cover most of the publication cost and so page charges to authors (normally $100 per page) will be partially or completely waived. However, a non-refundable submission fee of $100 per paper (to cover the cost of the reviewing process) must be paid before the paper will be considered for publication.

Color figures may be included for an additional fee.  They must be saved as CMYK-encoded images. Color figures have the same resolution requirements as B/W.  NOTE:  Color illustrations will be reproduced in color only when the author agrees to cover the cost associated with reproduction and printing in color.

We request that all manuscripts are handed in to the symposium registration desk as soon as possible during the symposium. The final date for submission of manuscripts will be 9th May 2012. In fairness to those who get their manuscripts in on time, no further manuscripts will be accepted after that date. Hard copies of manuscripts should be submitted, in duplicate, together with disc versions written in MS Word format. Electronic copies can be emailed to the Guest Editor, Professor Peter Cook  -

For instructions to authors, please see

Please DO NOT submit manuscripts directly to the Journal of Shellfish Research  – all manuscripts to be submitted at the symposium registration desk.

Important Dates

Presenter registration due 10 February 2012
Proceedings Review Fee Due 29 February 2012
Early Bird Registration 26 March 2012
Full papers for Proceedings due at IAS registration desk 09 May 2012