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Provisional Program

This program is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds. The session and function times may change in the final program. Please check this page regularly.


Sunday 6th May 2012
1400 Exhibitor Bump-In
1500-1900 Registration
1700-1900 Welcome Reception in the Exhibition Area
Address by Greg Woodham, President of the Tasmanian Abalone Council
Monday 7th May 2012
0800 Registration
Plenary Session - Chair: Peter Cook
0830-0910 Indigenous Welcome
Official Opening
: His Excellency, The Honourable Peter Underwood AC, Governor of Tasmania
Delegate Address: Deputy Premier Bryan Green MP
0915-0935 Status of the Australian abalone industries
Patrick Hone, Executive Director, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
0940-1000 Abalone aquaculture in Korea
Choulji Park, Genetics and Breeding Research Center, National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, South Korea
Rapid Fire Posters (2-3 minute summary, 2 minute changeover)
1005-1010 Chemical and physical defects in the quality attribute of appearance of commercially valuable species of America and South Africa abalone: a review
Ivonne Lozano*, Lorens De Wet
1010-1015 Molecular identification of Haliotis (Mollusca, Gastropoda) larvae
Alejandra Arciniega-De Los Santos,  Noé Díaz-Viloria, Ricardo Perez-Enriquez*
1015-1020 Impedancemetry – a robust, non-invasive method for monitoring heart rate in abalone validated using an immersed Mr PotatoHead™
Norman Ragg*, Ellie Watts
1020-1025 Preliminary study on sperm competition in cultivated Haliotis midae
Adelle Roux*, Ruhan Slabbert, Gerhard van der Horst, Rouvay Roodt-Wilding
1025-1030 Development of a geo-referenced fishery-dependent data collection system
Craig Mundy
1030-1100 Morning Tea
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Breeding
Chair: Harry King
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Ecology
Chair: Stephen Mayfield
Grand Ballroom Three
Health Monitoring
Chair: Kevin Ellard
1100-1120 Comparative study on growth performance and survival of interspcific hybrids between Haliotis discus hannai and H. gigantea
Luo Xuan*, Ke Caihuan, You Weiwei
Investigating sediment effects on Haliotis iris: building indigenous science capability in New Zealand
Sonja Miller*, Peter Edwards, Alex Coles, Taputukura Raea, John van der Sman, Nicole Phillips, Liz Richardson
Disease-induced fluctuations in endangered black abalone (Haliotis cracherodii Leach, 1814) populations over a 32-year time span at San Nicolas Island, California, USA, with implications for reproductive potential
Glenn VanBlaricom*, Brianna Blaud, Carolyn Friedman
1125-1145 Selective breeding to improve the interspecific hybrid of blacklip and greenlip abalone
Peter Kube*, Luke McPherson, Adam Clark, John Henshall, Harry King, Anton Krsinich, Nick Elliott
Replicated estimates of true juvenile mortality for greenlip abalone, and experimental evidence of weak density-dependence
Cameron Dixon*, Robert Day,Ted Catchpole
Fifteen years of abalone health management in South Africa
Anna-Louise Mouton*, Graeme Hatley
1150-1210 Development of Pacific abalone (Haliotis discus hannai Ino) broodstocks: Initial characterization of growth traits following seeds and intermediate culture of different stocks
Fucun Wu*, Guofan Zhang, Guorui Zhao
Relationship between juvenile and adult green abalone (Haliotis fulgens) time series abundance in Bahía Tortugas, B.C.S
Sergio A. Guzmán-del Próo*, Jorge Carrillo-Laguna, Jorge Belmar-Pérez, Margarita Muciño-Díaz, Pedro Sierra-Rodríguez
The application of the single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) assay as a monitoring tool in abalone farming
Anna-Louise Mouton*, Neervana Rambaran, Rhulani Nkuna, Graeme Hatley, Dalene Vosloo, Andre Vosloo
1215-1235 Comparison of production related traits between two genetic selected groups of Thai abalone, Haliotis asinina, Linnaeus 1758 reared in two different grow out conditions
Padermsak Jarayabhand*, Arnupap Panichpol, Anek Sopon, Sompop Rungsupa
Movement and local scale population genetics of pink abalone (Haliotis corrugata): implications for population recovery and restoration strategy
Julia H Coates*, Kevin A Hovel, John L Butler
A practical model to detect disease emergence on abalone farms in South Africa
Graeme Hatley* Anna-Louise Mouton, Kevin Christison
1235-1330 Lunch and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Breeding
Chair: Peter Kube
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Genetic Structure
Chair: Craig Mundy
Grand Ballroom Three
Facilitator: Laura Rogers-Bennett
1330-1350 Morphometric analysis and condition index for breeding programs of the red abalone Haliotis rufescens
Miguel Del Rio-Portilla*, Fabiola Lafarga-De la Cruz, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate
Capturing abalone shell shape and modelling the spiral to estimate growth rate
Phuong Au, Rob Day*, Steve Melnikoff
Conservation and Stock Recovery Strategies

Please book into this workshop during your symposium registration
1355-1415 Designing a commercial selective breeding programme for New Zealand abalone, Haliotis iris
Jane Symonds*, Graeme Moss, Rodney Roberts, Phil Heath, Seumas Walker, Peter Amer, Neville Jopson
Developing tools to age larval red abalone, Haliotis rufescens: Water temperature, radula teeth and larval duration
Toyomitsu Horii*, Laura Rogers-Bennett
1420-1440 Can abalone breeding programs tolerate fluctuations in reproductive performance?
Sonja Dominik*, John Henshall, Peter Kube, Nick Elliott
Experimental estimation of minimal proximity for successful fertilization in spawning male-female pairs of black abalone (Haliotis cracherodii Leach, 1814) based on dispersal of surrogate gamete-sized particles
Brianna Blaud*, Glenn VanBaricom
1445-1505 Performance and genetic variations for backcross progenies of small abalone
You Weiwei, Luo Xuan, Ke Caihuan
Larval dispersal and retention in pink abalone (Haliotis corrugata) by indirect and direct genetic approaches
Ricardo Perez-Enriquez*, Noé Diaz-Viloria, Sergio Guzmán-Del Próo, Pedro Cruz
1505-1530 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Systems
Chair: Anton Krsinch
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding
Chair: Anthony Hart
Grand Ballroom Three
Biosecurity Workshop
Facilitator: Mark Crane
1530-1550 Suitability of cage culture for Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai Ino production in China
Fucun Wu*, Guofan Zhang
Restoration and conservation of green abalone (Haliotis fulgens) in Southern California: Developing methods for culture, genetic and disease risk management
Melissa Neuman*, Dave Witting, Susan Wang, Brent Schiewe, Tom Ford, Dan Pondella, Jonathan Williams, Ray Hiemstra, Nancy Caruso, Kristen Gruenthal, Tal Ben-Horin
Biosecurity principles and practice: Applying the theory to aquaculture and fisheries
Kevin Ellard

The Tasmanian Abalone Biosecurity Project: Implementation phase 1, biosecurity strategies for Tasmanian abalone processing premises

Kevin Ellard*, Travis Baulch

Developing biosecurity systems to facilitate safe trade in live abalone
Marty Deveney
1555-1615 From the trenches - A story of development by New Zealand Abalone Ltd in intensive recirculating aquaculture
Michael Tait
Genetic approaches to reseeding in New Zealand's Blackfoot Pāua (Haliotis iris)
Tom McCowan*, Gerard Prendeville, Neil Gemmell
1620-1640 Technical and economical analysis of sea-based abalone farming systems in Europe
Tony Legg*, Xavier Lesage, Sylvain Huchette
A pilot project to investigate the potential for habitat enhancement of greenlip abalone stocks in Western Australia
Elizabeth Keys*, Roy Melville-Smith, Anthony Hart
1645-1705 Comparison of the behavioral patterns among Haliotis discus discus, H. gigantea and H. diversicolor
Shintaro Nakamura*, Tomohiko Kawamura, Toshihiro Onitsuka, Hiroaki Kurogi, Yoshiro Watanabe
Outplanting design improvement for juvenile abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana): the addition of complex substrate increases survival
Joanne Lessard*, Kaitlyn Read, Elizabeth Boulding
1705 Sessions Close
1730 Coaches depart Campbell street entrance for Government House
1800-1900 Government House Reception
Hosted by His Excellency the Honourable Peter Underwood AC, Governor of Tasmania and Mrs Underwood
Space is limited, book by 30th March 2012
Tuesday 8th May 2012
0800 Registration
Plenary Session - Chair: Nick Elliott
0830-0850 Current Status of Abalone Aquaculture industry in China
Caihuan Ke, College Of Ocean & Earth Sciences, Xiamen University, China
0855-0915 The competitiveness of the Chilean abalone aquaculture industry
Roberto Flores-Aguilar, Centro i-mar, Universidad De Los Lagos, Chile
0920-0940 Sensory and physicochemical assessment of abalone
Maeva Cochet*, Malcolm Brown, Peter Kube, Nick Elliott, Conor Delahunty
0945-1005 Why is abalone so chewy? - Structural characterisation of abalone and relationship to textural attributes
Sofia Kihlman Øiseth*, Conor Delahunty, Maeva Cochet, Leif Lundin
1005-1030 Maximising value by reducing stress-related mortality in wild harvested abalone
Natalie Moltschaniwskyj
1030-1100 Morning Tea and Exhibition
The following sessions are sponsorsed by:
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Nutrition
Chair: Graham Mair
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Juvenile Reseeding
Chair: Rowan Chick
Grand Ballroom Three
Health: Stress & Disease
Chair: Jeff Cowley
1100-1120 New formulated feed for abalone reduces fishmeal use and satisfies WWF standards
Rowan Yearsley*, Clifford Jones, Alex Winckler, Peter Britz
Trade offs between size-at-release and site quality influence survival and economics of stock enhancement in greenlip abalone
Lachlan Strain*, Anthony Hart
Diagnosis on the reduction of abalone population in the west coast of Baja California peninsula and strategies for mitigate the negative impacts
Jose Luis Gutiérrez-Gonzalez*, Jorge Caceres-Martinez, Sergio Guzman-Del Proo, Salvador E Lluch-Cota
1125-1145 Dietary protein level and water temperature interactions for greenlip abalone, Haliotis laevigata
David Stone*, James Harris, Georgia Mercer, Hanru Wang, Elise Schaefer, Matthew Bansemer
An ecological approach to commercial scale stock enhancement in greenlip abalone
Anthony Hart*, Lachlan Strain, Frank Fabris
Stress transcriptomics: development of tests to reduce the incidence of summer mortality
Jan Stugnell*, Nick Robinson
1150-1210 Abalone nutrition from an aquaculture perspective: a review
Justin Kemp*, Peter Britz
Restocking of abalone (Haliotis spp.) populations in Mexico
Ricardo Searcy-Bernal*, José Espinoza-Montes, Casandra Anguiano-Beltrán
Haemolymph-based predictors of stress and survival in the abalone
Norman Ragg*, Ellie Watts
1215-1235 Development of natural algal diets for juvenile greenlip abalone in the later nursery phase
Lachlan Strain*, Michael Borowitzka, Sabine Daume
Reseeding pāua (abalone) on the East Coast of the lower North Island of New Zealand: a collaboration between Iwi, Hapū and Industry
Adele Whyte*, Ngaio Tiuka, Paul Roberts, Tony Craig, Aramanu Ropiha, Bayden Barber, Dean Barber*, Bae Hamlin, Jill Munro, Robin Hape, Ngavi Pekepo, Jim Hutcheson, Rangitane Tipene, Jenny Mauger

1235-1330 Lunch
1250-1320 Lunch Session - Grand Ballroom One
Auto Desludging Abalone Culture Tank

Richard Starke, White Horses Consulting
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Nutrition
Chair: Matt Bransden
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding
Chair: Laura Rogers-Bennett
Grand Ballroom Three
Facilitator: Sabine Daume
1330-1350 Application of acidifying agents in artificial diets for South African Abalone, Haliotis midae
Lourens de Wet*, Neill Goosen, John French
Exploring Recovery Tools for Pink (Haliotis corrugata) and Green (Halitois fulgens) Abalones in Southern California
Ian Taniguchi, Derek Stein, Kai Lampson
Can product certification combat illegal trade?

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1355-1415 Influence of daylight parameters as governing mechanism on feeding activity of South African abalone, Haliotis Midae
Desmare Van Zyl*, Lourens De Wet, Le Daan Rousseau
A pilot project to enhance northern abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana, reproduction in Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada: II. Growth results
Joanne Lessard*, Zane Zhang and Alan Campbell
1420-1440 Histological changes in Haliotis laevigata in response to different dietary protein levels and water temperatures
James Harris, Elise Schaefer*, David Stone, Gordon Howarth
A pilot project to enhance northern abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana, reproduction in Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada: III. Mark recovery results
Christine Hansen, Joanne Lessard*, Alan Campbell
1445-1505 Effects of dietary lipids on growth, fatty acid composition and Δ5 fatty acid desaturase expression in juvenile abalone, Haliotis discus hannai Ino
Kangsen Mai*, Mingzhu Li, Gen He, Qinghui Ai, Wenbing Zhang, Wei Xu, Zhiguo Liufu, Huihui Zhou, Yanjiao Zhang
Ontogenetic habitat shift in abalone Haliotis discus hannai
Hideki Takami*, Nam-Il Won, Tomohiko Kawamura
1505-1530 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom One
Reseeding Workshop
Facilitators: Ellie Watts & Craig Mundy
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Ecosystems
Chair: Ben Stobart
Grand Ballroom Three
SnailBase Workshop
Facilitators: Natasha Botwright & Gene Wijffels
1530-1550 Reseeding Workshop

Reseeding to replenish wild Haliotis iris populations in the Chatham Islands, New Zealand: Issues, work to date and a suggested approach for on-going monitoring

Ellie Watts*, Nigel Keeley

Please book into this workshop during your symposium registration
Shifting baselines of a rocky reef foodweb: Place and time matter to northern abalone conservation
Lynn Lee*, Anne Salomon
SnailBASE: The one-stop shop for molluscan sequences. It is time!
Natasha Botwright*, Gene Wijffels*

Please book into this workshop during your symposium registration
1555-1615 Enhancement of rocky reefs: how decreasing the density of the long spined sea urchin centrostephanus rodgersii can increase biodiversity
John Smythe
1620-1640 Effects of the tsunami on rocky shore ecosystems and abalone populations on northeastern Pacific Coast of Japan
Tomohiko Kawamura*, Hideki Takami, Nam-Il Won, Daisuke Muraoka
1645-1705 Harmful algal bloom impacts red abalone fishery in Northern California
Laura Rogers-Bennett*, Karina Neilsen, Adele Paquin, Rafael Kudela, David Crane, James Moore
1705 Sessions Close
1705-1830 Poster Evening
Harbour View One

Proudly sponsored by
Wednesday 9th May 2012
0800 Registration
Plenary Session - Chair: Peter Britz
0830-0850 Update on the NZ abalone scene - Farming & Wild Harvest
Jeremy Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Paua Industry Council, New Zealand
0855-0915 European Perspective
Tony Legg, Jersey Sea Farms, United Kingdom
0920-0940 Current status of abalone resources and fisheries in Japan
Toyomitsu Horii, Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute, FIsheries Research Agency

0945-1005 Forty years of Australian abalone fishery production: good luck and responsive management?
Stephen Mayfield, Molluscan Fisheries, SARDI Aquatic Sciences, Australia
1005-1030 Heart function and respiratory control in the abalone, Haliotis iris
Norman Ragg*, Harry Taylor
1030-1100 Morning Tea and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Molecular
Chair: Ricardo Perez
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding
Chair: Ian Cartwright
Grand Ballroom Three
Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis
Chair: Mark Crane
1100-1120 Sustainable genetic improvement of the South African abalone (Haliotis midae)
Rouvay Roodt-Wilding*, Clint Rhode, Aletta Bester-van der Merwe
Paua catch-per-unit-effort from GPS dive-loggers
Edward Abraham*, Jeremy Cooper
Histopathology variability of Abalone Ganglioneuritis Virus infection of Haliotis spp in Tasmania
Stephen Pyecroft*, Judith Handlinger, Graeme Knowles, Belinda Jones
1125-1145 Examining the genetic population structure of red abalone populations along the west coast of the United States using mDNA.
Laura Rogers-Bennett*, Masami Hamaguchi, Masakazu Hori, Toyomitsu Horii
Moving towards finer scale management and research for NZ paua
Julie Hills
Abalone viral ganglioneuritis: An update of descriptive epidemiology following investigations in Tasmania and Victoria
Kevin Ellard
1150-1210 Genetic diversity and stock identification of small abalone (Holiotis diversicolor)
Te-Hua Hsu*, Meng-Han Zhou, Hsuan-Ming Chang, Jin-Chywan Gwo

Management of New Zealand abalone, Haliotis iris and H. australis, in a Rāhui (Customary Closure)
Danelle Lekan*, James Bell, Te Rōpū Āwhina, Jonathan Gardner
Complete genome sequences of abalone herpes virus (AbHV) strains from Victoria and Tasmania provide insights into its origins and identify variations useful for epidemiology
Jeff Cowley*, Serge Corbeil, Dieter Bulach, Nick Moody, Kevin Ellard, Mark Fegan, Keith Savin, Simone Warner Mark Crane
1215-1235 Gonad maturation of temperate cultured Australian abalone
Natasha Botwright*, Michelle Colgrave, Mathew Cook, Harry King, Nick Elliott
Developing management procedures and specifying decision rules to manage the recreational Red Abalone fishery in Northern California
Laura Rogers-Bennett*, Kristin Hubbard, Christy Juhasz, Jerry Kashiwada
Evaluation of abalone viral ganglioneuritis resistance amongst wild abalone populations along the Victorian coast
Serge Corbeil*, Lynette Williams, Vincent Gannon, Mark Crane
1235-1330 Lunch
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Molecular
Chair: Gene Wijffels
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding
Chair: Harry Gorfine
1330-1350 Growth and reproduction related neuropeptides in the tropical abalone Haliotis asinina
Patrick York*, Scott Cummins, Sandie Degnan, Bernard Degnan
Conservation and stock recovery strategies, spatial management and assessment at San Miguel Island
James Marshall*, Chris Voss
1355-1415 Differential protein expression in Haliotis laevigata Donovan 1808 after UV and temperature induced spawning
Omar Mendoza Porras*, Michelle Colgrave, Mathew Cook, James Harris, Natasha Botwright
Balancing conservation and harvest goals: Evaluating strategies to rebuild the red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) population at San Miguel Island, California
Sarah Valencia*, Crow White
1420-1440 A microsatellite linkage map of the South African abalone - Haliotis midae
Jessica A Vervalle*, Juli Hepple, Suzaan Jansen, Peizheng Wang, Rouvay Roodt-Wilding
Linking stock assessments with harvest decision rules: a tool for determining stock status and managing quota in the South Australian abalone fishery
S. Mayfield, R.C. Chick, C. Noell, P. Burch, R. McGarvey, B. Stobart, L. Triantafillos*, T.M. Ward
1445-1505 SNP technologies in cultivated South African abalone (Haliotis midae)
Rouvay Roodt-Wilding*, Suzaan Jansen, Sonja Blaauw , Jana du Plessis, Jessica Vervalle, Clint Rhode, Aletta Bester-van der Merwe
Development of a spatial Multi Criteria Decision Analysis system using geo-referenced fishery-dependent data in the Tasmanian Abalone Fishery
Craig Mundy
1505-1530 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom One
Facilitator: Peter Kube
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Economics/Post Harvest
Chair: James Harris
Grand Ballroom Three
Facilitator: Craig Mundy
1530-1550 Selective breeding programs for aquaculture

Please book into this workshop during your symposium registration.
An initial study of telomere length in abalone (Haliotis spp.)
Rosamond Godwin*, Jennifer Ovenden, Stewart Frusher
Spatial Assessment and Management

Please book into this workshop during your symposium registration.
1555-1615 Using growth and size at first reproduction to determine size limits: is it that easy?
David Tarbath*, Craig Mundy, Caleb Gardner, Klaas Hartman
1620-1640 CPUE: a performance measure of stock status with potential for small spatial scales
Fay Helidoniotis*, Malcolm Haddon
1645-1705 Abalone industry awareness and preparedness for climate change
Rose Tasker*, Kirsten Benkendorff, David Lloyd
1705 Sessions Close
  Free Evening
Thursday 10th May 2012
0800 Registration
Plenary Session - Chair: Craig Mundy
0830-0850 A Review of Abalone Assessment Models and Their Limitations for Management due to Natural Biological Variation
Malcolm Haddon
0855-0915 Status of Abalone Fisheries and Aquaculture along the West Coast of North America
Laura Rogers-Bennett, California Department Fish and Game
0920-0940 Update on the status of the South African industry
Peter Britz, International Abalone Symposium President
0945-1030 IAS General Meeting
1030-1100 Morning Tea and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom 1
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Nursery
Chair: Miguel del Rio Portilla
Grand Ballroom 2
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Assessment Models
Chair: Malcolm Haddon
Grand Ballroom 3
Disease Resistance
Chair: Kirsten Benkendorff
1100-1120 Intensive feeding of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) postlarvae in different stocking densities
Ricardo Searcy-Bernal*, Sergio Meza-Tabares, Casandra Anguiano-Beltrán
Risk assessment of opening the San Miguel Island red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) fishery
Yan Jiao*, Laura Rogers-Bennett , Ian Taniguchi
Maintenance of captive populations of the endangered white abalone in California, USA
James Moore*, Blythe Marshman
1125-1145 Evaluation of agar-bound microparticulate diet as alternative food in abalone hatchery production: Effects of agar concentrations and feeding frequencies
Myrna Teruel*, Milagros De la Pena, Analyn Asutilla
Harvesting abalone in their prime: advantages of a closed season in an Australian abalone fishery
Ben Stobart*, Stephen Mayfield, Richard McGarvey
Is there a genetic base to resistance against the abalone Herpes virus?
Peter Kube*, Serge Corbeil, Harry King, Mark Crane, Lynette Williams, Luke McPherson, Anton Krsinich, Nick Elliott
1150-1210 Survival and growth of red abalone postlarvae Haliotis rufescens under different flow conditions
Casandra Anguiano-Beltrán*, Ricardo Searcy-Bernal
Assessing Red Abalone (Haliotis rufescens) Populations at San Miguel Island in Southern California
Ian Taniguchi*, Derek Stein, Kai Lampson, Laura Rogers-Bennett
Antiviral activity and resistance to abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis
Vinh Dang*, Peter Speck, Kirsten Benkendorff
1210-1330 Lunch
1240-1325 Lunch Session - Grand Ballroom One
NAB Agribusiness presentation
Abalone Anyone?
Grant Healy, Director of NAB Asia Desk
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Nursery/Reproduction
Chair: Nick Savva
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding
Chair: Natalie Moltschaniwskyj
Grand Ballroom Three
Facilitator: Tony Legg
1330-1350 Growth and survival of abalone postlarvae (Haliotis rufescens) fed with regimes of benthic diatoms in cold storage
M.Pilar Sánchez-Saavedra*, Claudia Miranda-Saucedo
Economic performance of Australian abalone fisheries
Caleb Gardner*, Craig Mundy, Eriko Hoshino, Klaas Hartmann
Sea Based Abalone Culture
Tony Legg, Xavier Lesage

Please book into this workshop during your symposium registration.
1355-1415 Development of an experimental fertilisation protocol for Haliotis midae
Adelle Roux*, Rouvay Roodt-Wilding
No-take marine reserves can enhance population recovery and support the fishery of abalone
Marisa Rossetto*, Fiorenza Micheli, Giulio A. De Leoa
1420-1440 Hybridisation of Haliotis midae and H. spadicea using biopsied spermatozoa
Adelle Roux*, Ruhan Slabbert, Rouvay Roodt-Wilding
Price relationships for imported abalone in the Japanese market
Erico Hoshino
1445-1505 Nursery and grow out of the tropical abalone, Haliotis asinina Linne 1758
Vincent  Encena II*, Milagros de la Pena, Vicente Balinas

What is the status of the South African abalone?
Genevieve Maharaj*, Robert Tarr
1505-1530 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition
  Grand Ballroom One
Aquaculture/Biotechnology: Molecular/Breeding
Chair: Rouvay Roodt-WIlding
Grand Ballroom Two
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding: Growth Issues
Chair: Ian Taniguchi
Grand Ballroom Three
Fisheries, Ecosystems & Reseeding
Chair: Cameron Dixon
1530-1550 Cloning and functional characterizations of Δ5 fatty acid desaturase of abalone, Haliotis discus hannai Ino
Kangsen Mai*, Mingzhu Li, Gen He, Qinghui Ai, Wenbing Zhang, Wei Xu, Zhiguo Liufu, Huihui Zhou, Yanjiao Zhang
Growth models for fisheries: the effect of unbalanced sampling error on model selection, parameter estimation and biological predictions
Fay Helidoniotis*, Malcolm Haddon
Changes in fishery-independent survey estimates of blacklip abalone (Haliotis rubra Leach) density and biomass following commercial fishing
Rowan Chick*, Stephen Mayfield, Paul Burch, Sacha Turich, Richard McGarvey
1555-1615 Molecular markers relating to traceability models for farming abalone
Ivonne Lozano*, Juan Ortiz
The long term effects of LML settings on CPUE and total catch
Malcolm Haddon
Assessing the recovery status of a Pink Abalone (Haliotis corrugata) population near San Diego, California using both population- and aggregation-level characteristics
Cynthia Button*, Laura Rogers-Bennett
1615 Sessions Close
1715 Optional: Symposium Dinner guests meet in Hotel Grand Chancellor foyer for walk to ferry terminal
1730 Ferry departs Brooke St Pier for MONA
1800-1900 Self guided tour of MONA
Museum of Old & New Art (optional tour included with Symposium Dinner)
1900-late Symposium Dinner (optional function)
  Friday 11th May 2012
  Opportunity to visit the Australian National Algae Culture Collection at CSIRO on Friday 11th May
The CSIRO are offering short (ca. 45 min) tours of the ANACC ( housed at the Hobart Laboratories near Salamanca Place. A booking sheet for tour times between 0930 and 1500 on the Friday 11th May will be available at the Registration desk.
  Optional Tasmanian Tours - please book directly with the service provider