Reflexology Association of Australia Conference

17-19 October 2014, Novotel MELBOURNE Glen Waverley

The Professional Reflexologist Branching Out



Leanne Raven

Leanne is the CEO of SIDS and Kids, a health promotion charity which is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

Priot to joining SIDS and Kids, Leanne was a self-employed strategy and management consultant with executive and senior management experience in public health and education. Over the past 25 years Leanne has undertaken many leadership roles within health, health professional regulation, human services, education, disability and family services.

As a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, she is the Chairman of Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local and ISPID, International Society for the Study and Prevention of perinatal and Infant Death and a director of three other not-for-profits: Windermere Foundation, DASSI and Networking Health Victoria. She was a past chairperson and board member of the Australian Nursing Council and ENBIS Pty Ltd, a computer software marketing business, and a past member of the Faculty Board of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne.

Leanne is passionate about building strong brands that connect with the public and growing businesses which are purpose driven. Managing change without pain and working within organisations to build capacity is her key focus. Her work in this area in the not for profit sector was recently acknowledged by the Telstra Business Women's Awards where Leanne was the 2013 Victorian Winner in the Business Innovation category. Leanne also holds an adjunct Associate Professor position with the University of the Sunshine Coast in the Faculty of Science, Health and Engineering.

She has qualifications in science, business and education with a Masters degree in nursing studies. As a mother of two teenage sons, the youngest who has an intellectual disability she is in touch with the realities of juggling the demands of a career and family.


Dr Peter A Mackereth

PhD MA Dip (N) London RNT RGN

Clinical Lead for Complementary Health & Wellbeing Services
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust & Honorary Lecturer Manchester Metropolitan University

Peter is a registered nurse, and has worked in intensive care, neurology and oncology. He has also worked as a Nurse Lecturer and Reader within the University setting. Peter has an MA in Medical Ethics and has completed a PhD project examining reflexology vs. relaxation training for people with MS. He has trained in acupuncture, hypnotherapy, body psychotherapy, massage and reflexology.

Peter has authored a number of papers and books and speaks nationally and internationally on complementary therapies, cancer care and smoking cessation. The team are currently working on a number of research and audit projects exploring outcomes for acupuncture, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, creative imagery/relaxation and reflexology. Recent and ongoing studies including assisting with needle anxiety and phobia, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, hot flushes and insomnia.


Marcus Bird

We are very excited to have Marcus Bird as our keynote speaker. Marcus is known as the Practitioner Success Guru and as a coach and trainer Marcus empowers practitioners to attract more clients, make more money and have more time. What Marcus is really passionate about is helping practitioners get better outcomes for their clients and also for themselves.

Having run a highly successful clinic and personal practice as a Kinesiologist and counsellor Marcus turned his success into a system for others to follow. Marcus now mentors and trains practitioners to grow highly successful practices.

Marcus is going to share his wisdom on how to Double Your Clients in 90 Days a program he has been delivering for over 5 years with incredible results. He is going to walk us through the 5 secrets that allowed him to grow a very busy practice. Learn how to:

  1. Remove friction and get in flow;
  2. Claim your space and be the expert;
  3. Share your message in a commercially clever way;
  4. Do more of your magic for greater re-bookings and referrals;
  5. Extend your ripple not only locally but also globally.


Marcus has helped hundreds of practitioners just like you and he is excited to be able to share his wisdom with us.

“As a fellow practitioner I know how frustrating and challenging it can be building a successful clinic business. I’ve also heard the statistics and I’m on a mission to change them. I’m passionate about helping you to see more clients and in turn see the rewards that you deserve”.

Marcus delivers both entertaining and informative sessions that hold huge value for his audience. Having seen Marcus in action we know that his session will be of great vale to you in the building of your practice.

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Professor Marc Cohen

Professor Marc Cohen MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons) is one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine. Marc is currently Professor of Health Sciences at RMIT University where he leads on online Master of Wellness Program, which is training leaders of the Wellness Revolution. Marc also conducts and supervises research into various aspects of holistic health including yoga, meditation, massage, organic foods, lifestyle and detoxification.

 As a registered medical practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine and PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering, Marc has a personal and professional dedication to realising wellness and his ability to walk the talk of engaged action has resulted in significant impacts on education, research, clinical practice and policy. He is a Board Member and Past-President (from 2000-2007) of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), a member of the RACGP-AIMA Joint Working party and a Board Member of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit. Marc also sits on the Boards of a number of national and international associations and journals. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles including a comprehensive systematic review of the evidence for massage theraby. He has also co-authored the text, Herbs and Natural Supplements an Evidenced Based Guide which was twice short listed for the Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing and the text "Understanding the Global Spa Industry" as well as authoring more than a dozen book chapters and editing eight books on holistic health.

Marc is a frequent speaker at many national and international conferences and festivals where he delivers inspiring, informative and uplifting presentations and is known for his passion and personable style. His impact on the field has been recognised by four consecutive RMIT Media Star Awards as well as the inaugural Award for Leadership and Collaboration from the National Institute of Complementary Medicine.


Kate McKnight

As a child, Kate’s early health experiences were challenging, being born with a rare and incurable condition. As a result, Kate has been connected to the process of health and healing her entire life.

When growing up, she observed the emotional, mental and spiritual elements of healing as well as the physical or more obvious aspects. Kate has often surprised doctors by positively overcoming challenges through a proactive, holistic approach to healing, incorporating allopathic and complementary health protocols.

There is little wonder that these early experiences directed Kate’s journey towards teaching and the energetic healing arts. Late in life Kate explored holistic healing as a career, graduating with a Diploma of reflexology in 2007. She is a Reiki Master, has a Cert IV in Massage Therapy and a Diploma of Holistic Counselling.
You may know Kate as the Chairperson for the 2010 Reflexology Association of Australia National Conference held in Brisbane. Kate is also the moderator for the RAoA’s Facebook page.

Kate is passionate about reflexology, teaching, learning, and holistic health, being open to all that is possible. Her work aims to inspire the personal growth and continual healing journey in others.

Kate’s interests include photography, meditation and spending time with her husband, family and friends. Kate works from her home-based practice in Brisbane, Australia and is delighted to be here with you now in celebration of The Professional Reflexologist Branching Out.

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Glenda Hodge

Glenda Hodge has been a Professional Reflexologist since 1999. She has an holistic approach to her reflexology practice and a metaphysical one to life in general.

She believes: sickness and disease convey messages, difficult people are a reflection of the self, life moves in cycles, and on some level of her consciousness she has allowed or invited all of her life experiences.

Glenda spent the first fourteen years of her married life as a full time mum and volunteer. In 1984 she re-entered the workforce as the Domestic Manager of a 200 bed nursing complex. Here she stepped outside of her protected environment and realized that there was a completely new world to be discovered. In 1993 she became a secretary where she learned about running small business. She became self-employed in October 2000 and never looked back.

Glenda published her first book in 1997, Something to Think About. By choosing a niche market, this book paid for her reflexology tuition. She published Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles in 2010 which has sold in printed and e-format in 14 countries through her website and social media pages. In 2011 she expanded it to a workshop.

Her new book Wisdom in Retrospect details 64 lessons in life she has learned and encourages others to glance back; look from a different perspective and find wisdom hiding in the shadows.

Glenda always enjoys speaking about her metaphysical concepts and beliefs. She presented at the RAoA conferences in 2010 and 2012. This time she is excited to be speaking about a more practical subject; social media and website solutions.

Glenda is passionate about astrology and teaches the basic concepts. She believes astrology to be the clearest roadmap in life that she has discovered to date.

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Leanne Moore 

Leanne Moore has spent her adult life exploring holistic medicine. Her passions are Reflexology and Ayurvedic Medicine which she combines in her clinic on the North Coast of NSW. Leanne has been sharing her knowledge since 1996, teaching a Reflexology Diploma and Ayurvedic massage course at the NSW School of Natural Medicine. She is a workshop facilitator specialising in sharing simple skills to attain greater health and wellbeing as well as conducting post-graduate reflexology workshops throughout Australia. 




Lee Cummins 

Lee Cummins Consulting

Lee Cummins is a Business Relationship Specialist, Ambassador for Heart Link Network Australia and TROVA Business Network Australia. Lee assists businesses to build valuable business relationships to create an unlimited referral base using the art of Networking, Appreciation Marketing and the untapped market of Community Radio. Over 30 years experience with small to medium businesses, Lee presents a variety of tips, tricks and tools to assist businesses to grow and expand their thinking and business bottom line.

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Mary Unwin

WalkTALL Personal And Professional Development Coaching Training And Mentoring

Mary Unwin of WalkTALL Personal and Professional Development Coaching, Training and Mentoring offers a wealth of experience with her WalkTALL awareness and attitude!

For Mary, to Walk TALL in our businesses means taking action to gain a clear vision: creating and looking ahead to the inspired ideas and visions we have for our businesses and ourselves.
Then taking the exact steps to bring that vision or purpose into reality.

In her coaching, training and mentoring, Mary helps us with both vision building as well as with the practical steps so very important to the realisation of our visions and ideas. Her coaching also allows us to say goodbye to any beliefs which may limit our business or professional growth and her mentoring helps sole business owners stay ontrack with their business goals.

Mary's presentation on Becoming and Being a True Professional in our businesses promises insights and practical steps with both focus and humour in order to grow ourselves and our businesses in truly professional ways.

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Bridgette Triandafilidis    

Baybridge Consultants

Bridgette Triandafilidis, the Principal of Baybridge Consultants, is passionate about small business, with 32 years hands on experience in the Financial Services Industry, incorporating 24 years and counting as a Registered Tax Agent.  Bridgette transitioned her career from employee of a national accounting company in 2010 to small business owner of Baybridge Consultants to bring together her wealth of knowledge & expertise, and passion for nurturing & educating small business owners.

Bridgette provides valuable support for those who want to understand the compliance issues of their businesses, and take control. Bridgette is changing the way small businesses look at bookkeeping, tax and compliance. Always speaking in a jargon free manner and using dialogue to illustrate concepts is at the core of the Baybridge Consultants business strategy.



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