Conference Program

This program is provisional and will be updated as planning proceeds, so please check this page regularly. Times may change in the final program.

Monday 23 March 2015
1700 Conference registration, Hotel Grand Chancellor Mezzanine
  Pre-Conference Workshop | Harbour View 2 (optional - additional cost)
1230-1630 Affect and emotion in the Restorative school
What role do emotions play in our students’ behaviour? in their learning?
How do feelings drive the learning process?
How do we best help students develop emotionally? socially? intellectually?
- more information & how to book
Graeme George
1740 Coaches depart from Campbell Street side of the Hotel Grand Chancellor for Government House - Invitations essential
1800-1900 Government House Reception
Invitations can be requested by full delegates only during the registration process. Numbers are limited, no invitations will be issued after Friday 27th February 2015.


Tuesday 24 March 2015
0730 Conference registration, Hotel Grand Chancellor Mezzanine
  Plenary Session - Official Opening | Federation Ballroom
0830-0930 Welcome to Country - Alison Overeem, Indigenous Community Representative
Welcome to Delegates - Leigh Garret, Chairman of the Board, RPI
Official Opening - Judge Pierre Slicer
0900-1000 Keynote Speaker: Judge Sir David J Carruthers, Independent Police Conduct Authority, New Zealand
New Zealand story of the development of Restorative Practice
1000-1030 Morning Tea
  Federation Ballroom Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Harbour View 1 Harbour View 2 Chancellor 4
  Chair: Michael Wood Chair: Marg Thorsborne Chair: TBA Chair: Tony Waters Chair: Sue Attrill Chair: Lyndsey Iles
1030-1115 I want to wake up and have this not be the first thing I think about, every day
Matthew Casey
Victim-offender conferencing with serious adult offenders - from assessment to conference
Alyson Howland*, Terry Lucey*
Language and restorative justice processes
Hennessey Hayes
Understanding people's 'colours': Cultivating emotional intelligence in a bid to improve relationships in social environments
Dr Roelf Reyneke

Proactive classroom circles - Building classroom communities
Marg Armstrong

Trauma-informed community schools: A restorative practicum project
Professor Alan Mobley
1115-1200 Applying restorative practice and mindfulness together to improve outcomes in conflict
Jeremy Limpens
Special needs and RP
Margaret Thorsborne
Can restorative practice processes be used effectively working in the area of family violence?

Julia Hennessey
Getting the legislator on board in the expansion and development of the restorative practices community
Dr Mariette Reyneke

Restoring relationships - having the end in mind
David Vinegrad

Restoring relationships in educational contexts by moving from resentment to gratitude
Dr Kerry Howells
1200-1300 Lunch
  Federation Ballroom Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Harbour View 1 Harbour View 2 Chancellor 4
  Chair: Matt Casey Chair: David Moore Chair: Bronwyn Egan Chair: Jill Eastley Chair: TBA Chair: TBA
1300-1345 Restorative practices for survivors of sexual or domestic violence:
What's holding us back?

Judge Fleur Kingham*, Phil Stainton*, Bettina Hall*, Associate Professor Sharon Hayes*, Anabel Newton*

Pre-reading for this workshop is available:
Finding the balance: Restorative Justice and youth offending in Queensland
Christine Thomas
Parenting in windows: Restorative parenting: Restorative schooling
Bill Hansberry
Creating change: Teachers' perspectives on implementing restorative practices
Michelle Kehoe*, Professor Sheryl Hemphill, Dr David Broderick

A day in the life of a restorative classroom
Kristy Elliott

RJC to resolve infidelity as a precursor to couples therapy
Rexton D'Cruz
1345-1430 Restorative Practice; Working with high risk young offenders
Katrina Robinson*, Elizabeth Lowery*, Clint Wardle
Teaching restorative thinking and behaviour to junior primary
Jane Langley*, Bill Hansberry*
Whanganui: Towards a restorative city
Shelly Harkness*, Jenny Saywood

Te Whanau Tahi - The way we do 'family' at Naenae College
Catherine Forster*, Tania Campbell*

Working restoratively to build resilience
Emma Leonhardt*, Leanne Filer*
1430-1500 Afternoon Tea
1500-1600 Keynote Speaker: Mr Chris Straker, strakerRPsolutions, United Kingdom
The restorative city: Emperor's new clothes or achievable paradigm shift?

Keynote Speaker: Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson, Patron We Al-li Trust , New South Wales
Does restorative justice have any relevancy in the lives of children with developmental trauma living in complex trauma environments?

1700 Sessions close - Dress for dinner
1900 till late

Conference Dinner
$90 per head including 3 course meal and drink on arrival
Cocktail dress, Harbour View One, Hotel Grand Chancellor

Documentary video: Voices from the Sycamore Tree Project - Crime victims who went into prison
Martin Howard


Wednesday 25 March 2015
0730 Conference registration, Hotel Grand Chancellor Mezzanine
  Plenary Session | Federation Ballroom
0900-1000 Keynote Speaker: Dr Hilary Cremin, Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Introducing and sustaining restorative practices in schools: Findings from international research and practice
1000-1030 Morning Tea
  Federation Ballroom Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Harbour View 1 Harbour View 2 Chancellor 4
  Chair: Matt Casey Chair: Rose Carnes Chair: Shelly Harkness Chair: Bill Hansberry Chair: Christine Thomas Chair: Tony Waters
1030-1115 Restorative Justice from a Maori perspective
Theresa Heywood
Our collective challenge: Bringing restorative justice from the periphery to the mainstream
Rob Hulls
Taking a stand against workplace bullying using narrative restorative conferencing
Debbie Dunn
Leading the cultural change from punitive to restorative
Louisa Scerri*, Kylie Baxter*
Behind the wall: Restorative practices in a youth custodial setting
Glen McClure*, Sarah Covill*, Jessica King
Restorative practice and family mediation
Mike Wells
1115-1200 The emotion brain and the learning brain
Jane Langley
Council prison project: An autoethnographic restorative inquiry
Professor Alan Mobley
Restorative networks: Harnessing the potential of human connection and community
Sue Davidson*, Brenda McKinney, Haley Farrar*
Multiple perspectives on the development of a safe school culture within a new educational setting: A case study of cultural change in a Prep to Year 12 school in regional Victoria
Dr Lyndsey Iles
The restorative power of communities
Kerry Walker*, Susan Anderson*
Models for community involvement in restorative justice
Michael Wood
1205-1300 Lunch
  Federation Ballroom Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Harbour View 1 Harbour View 2 Chancellor 4
  Chair: Marg Thorsborne Chair: Matt Casey Chair: Marg Armstrong Chair: TBA Chair: Jane Langley Chair: TBA

Strategies to develop readiness for RP implementation
Sue Attrill*, Margaret Thorsborne*, Beverley Turner*

Environmental protection, Indigenous communities and restorative justice
Professor Rob White
Achieving outcomes for participants engaging in Project Restore's restorative justice processes - Participants' perspectives
Fiona Landon*, Dr Shirley J├╝lich
Restorative practices in Catholic school communities - A transformative experience
Bronwyn Egan
Restorative practices - The Doveton College experience
Justin Thompson*, Vicki Miles*
Unsettling white noise to help build stronger relationships
Dr Rose Carnes
1345-1430 Restorative research: Appreciative evaluation of restorative practice
Terence Bevington
Resolution and transformation:
Lessons from Australia's Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (DART) restorative engagement program

Dr David Moore*, Dymphna Lowrey*
Connection before correction - A relationship cycle
Greg Jansen*, Rich Matla*
Deepening a whole school understanding of restorative practice
Nathan Karas*, Tim VanWinden*, Mario Bergamin*, Ganesh Sundra*, Rosalie Boxhall*, Troy Roberts*
Honouring relationships - A restorative journey to a restorative community
Chris Mills*, Libby Farmer*
1435-1500 Afternoon Tea
  Closing Session | Federation Ballroom
1500-1600 Keynote Speaker: Dr Jane Bolitho, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales
Building restorative justice communities in the wake of serious crime
1600-1630 Conference Close and Handover
Conference Posters

The potential and challenges of New Zealand style Restorative Justice for youth
Brenda McKinney


Thursday 26 March 2015
  Post-Conference Workshop | Chancellor 6 (optional - additional cost)
  Restorative Practices Master Class with Dr Hilary Cremin and JLD Restorative Practices

Dr Hilary Cremin is a Senior Lecturer who researches and teaches in the areas of youth participation and democracy, Citizenship Education, and conflict resolution in schools and communities.

Registrants will link with schools in the UK and Brazil to share practice and assist in further evaluations in the use of restorative practices in schools.

All registrants will receive a pre-course package to prepare them for the Master Class.

DoE employees: $50
Non-DoE employees: $100

Enrolments close Thursday 12 March 2015. Please click here to complete the enrolment form.

Please note that this workshop is being run independentally of the Conference by the Professional Learning Institute (PLI). Please click here for more information or click here to email PLI with any queries.