This year, for the first time at the SARRAH Conference, posters will be displayed electronically.

Electronic posters will be prepared in PowerPoint and displayed during the conference on flat screen monitors in the catering adn trade areas.The posters will rotate automatically and each poster will be shown for one minute. Delegates will be able to pause individual posters to view them in more detail. There will also be an index to allow delegates to find an individual poster.

E-Poster presenters should CLICK HERE for more information on preparing their slide.

Posters are listed alphabetically by first author.

  How to turn your iPad workplace challenges into therapeutic solutions - an implementation pathway
Darren Anderson
  Mix & match - A blended learning approach to allied health education
Carmel Blayden, Jennifer Nicol, Susan Sims, Sonia Hughes
  Interprofessional education in a rock pool
Rosanna Crouch
  Benefits and outcomes of iPad facilitation of Allied Health service delivery in a community based rural outreach setting
Lisa Dunn, Margie Smith, Christina Hayes, Michelle Forrest
  Basic Life Support with a difference!
A/Prof Kathryn Fitzgerald, Jodi Ullrich
  What employment models can attract allied health professionals to work in rural and remote communities in Queensland?
Daniel Gullo, Chris Mitchell, Melissa Johnstone
  Challenges in workforce planning for small but critical work groups
Tamara Lee
  Allied Health generalist opportunities for new graduates
Laura Marsh, Fiona McKenzie Lewis
  Developing leadership skills using problem based learning - A solution based focus
Kerstin McPherson
  Right kids, right service, right time: developmental surveillance in early childhood
Beth Mozolic-Staunton
  Primary health care training for more efficient outreach optometry services
Anna Morse, Salma Ismail, Colina Waddell, Luke Arkapaw
  Less is more: Consolidating and co-ordinating health promotion efforts across a large rural region to improve health outcomes
Rebecca Murphy, Jay McGough, Nicole Dalle Nogare, Renata Spiller
  National Rural Health Students' Network: The Australian health students' view on a crucial aspect of the rural placement experience (caught in the rip)
Annie Nichols, Annemeike Enter, Ankur Verma, Charlotte Lymbery
  Remote Allied Health Practice - Perspectives from Australia, Canada and the United States of America
Felicity Pidgeon
  Clinical handover: from policy to practice
Sarah Bailey, Ruth Cox
  Supervision of supervisors: the tidal change
Julie-Anne Ross, Sarah Bailey
  Sustaining the culture pool
Julie-Anne Ross, Sarah Bailey, Angela Wood
  Wiping out the uncertainty of providing required non-clinical training for allied health staff and students
Julie-Anne Ross, Cate Fitzgerald, Claire Hackett, Liza-Jane McBride, Julie Connell
  Supporting allied health professionals to contribute to better patient outcomes through an interprofessional capability development framework
Julie-Anne Ross, Ruth Cox, Angela Wood
  Innovative model of nutrition education in a regional rehab hospital
Dr Madhuri Velagala, Achamma Joseph
  Beyond the booklet: collaborative, community consultation to develop a child development resource
Luke Wakely, Lisa Shipley, Dr Kym Rae, Loretta Weatherall, Megan Naden, Josephine Logue, Daniel van der Laan
  Learning around the campfire: a weekend camp to promote teamwork and interprofessional interaction for rural allied health students
Luke Wakely, Dr Leanne Brown, Alex Little, Kelly Squires, Jacqueline Leys, Hazel Harries-Jones
  Eating on the right track: Challenges of engaging young males in healthy eating
Gillian Woodward, Loren Fullagar, Alarna McGovern, Thomas Paavola
  Non-invasive haemoglobin testing of orthopaedic patients
Peter Young














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