The Recommendation Process undertaken at the 2014 SARRAH National Conference forms a part of SARRAH's strategic planning cycle.

Recommendations from the Conference come out of feedback / discussion / question time from plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and workshops during the course of the conference. The Chairperson at each session is asked to record any recommendations from their session. Conference recommendations may also be submitted by delegates.

Recommendations are to be recorded online following each session and by individual delegates through direct input into Sony tablets which will be made available at the conference. We thank you for your assistance in this process.

A Conference Recommendations Committee will review all submitted recommendations and develop an early prioritization of the recommendations for consideration by delegates at a plenary session on the last day of the Conference.

All recommendations from the Conference are considered by SARRAH. Recommendations relating to the SARRAH Mission and goals will be used to inform and assist in the development of the SARRAH strategic direction and annual planning for the following 2 years.

Recommendations are also sent to the relevant Ministers (e.g Health, Social Services, Education) Federal and State Government Departments, other organisations and individuals who are able to act on them.

The recommendations will be grouped according to broad theme areas. Delegates to the conference should note that where there was similarity between recommendations submitted by two or more delegates, these recommendations may be merged/blended/collapsed into a single recommendation.

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Important Dates

Abstract Notifications Early June 2014
Presenter Registration Due 27 June 2014
Refereed Papers 1st draft due 27 June 2014
Early-Bird Closes 15 Jul 2014
Final Abstracts due 11 Aug 2014
Final Refereed Papers due 30 Aug 2014
SARRAH 2014 Conference 17-20 Sept 2014


Organising Committee

Lindy Swain - Chair
Rod Wellington - SARRAH CEO
Ruth Hawkings
Cate Patrick
Helen McGregor
Annie Nicholls
Luke Schultz

Image credits

Destination NSW
Grenville Turner: Destination NSW
Hamilton Lund: Destination NSW